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Mar-2020 20

State level workshop

Infection control "Knowledge is not enough, practice is must"

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ug-2021 01

Breast Feeding Week

Poster Competition, Role Play, Essay Writing, Slogan Writing, Debate (Breast Feeding & HIV Mothers), Speech (“Protect Breastfeeding: A Shared Responsibility”) Quiz

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Sep-2021 14

Blood Donation Camp

Come forward to Donate Blood

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Mar-2020 07

Community awareness programme by GCON Udaipur

B.Sc. nursing part-IV Students have participated in COVID-19 awareness compaign under CMHO udaipur at all hotels of Amari Ghat, Naga nagari, Jagdish Chowk,Pichola & in various Streets.

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Apr-2021 06

6 weeks PSE training, Batch-4

6 weeks PSE training of 4th batch has completed on dated 06/04/2021

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Sep-2018 09

Student Union 2018-19

President - Mr. Sachin Khandelwal Vice President - Vishal Meena Gen. Sec. - Vishal Jatwa Joint Sec. - Lokesh Singh

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Sep-2019 23

Sports & Cultural Week

Sports & Cultural Week

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Aug-2019 01

Breast Feeding Week 2018 "Foundation of Life"

Poster, Slogan Competition, HIV & Breast Feeding Presentation, Essay Writing Competition

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May-2019 08

10 Days TOT

10 days Training of Trainers at State Nodal Center Udaipur for Strengthening Pre-Service Education for Nurse Midwifery Cadre EXECUTIVE SUMMARY A 10days training of trainers (TOT) was conducted by master trainers of State Nodal Centre (SNC) Udaipur to strengthen the capacity of faculty at SNC for conducting 6 Weeks Training of ANM/GNM/SNC faculty of the state. Five faculty were trained in TOT which was conducted from 08thMay 2019 to 17th May 2019(10 days). Master Trainers of SNC Udaipur provided all the technical support in organising and facilitating the TOT. In the TOT participants were briefed on the overall composition (overview, goals and objectives) of the 6 Weeks Training and also oriented on the individual components spread across the 10 days period. These included Effective Teaching Skills (ETS), Skilled Birth Attendants (SBA), Integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illness (IMNCI), Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and HIV along with Standard Based Management and Recognition (SBMR). A pre and post OSCE was also conducted. Clinical site the participants were introduced the goals and objectives of Six Weeks training package. The participants were taken to Pannadhaya mahila Hospital, Udaipur for clinical posting for three days.

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Jun-2019 14

Workshop on Organ Donation

A workshop will conduct by PG students on "Organ Donation give the gift of life"

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uly-2019 17

42 Days SNC Training

6 weeks training for teachers on "Strengthening the Pre-Service Nursing and Midwifery Education in India"

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